I Am A Snail, I Know

Ahlam Ben Saga
2 min readOct 23, 2021
Painting by SAATCHI ART

I am a snail
With snail feet, I run — But how fast is slow? —
For three eons, I have run
Or perhaps for three days
I ask when? When will my trail dry?
When I try to halt —
Another foot, I lose

I lose to the sprint of time
But my feet never dry
I ask when and what will break my spine?
No answer

I am a snail. I know.
Blind and slow
‘Run,’ the first truth I knew —
So run it is, run it will be

I ask ‘Why’’ ‘When’ and ‘What’
I only hear about the Run!
I am a snail. I know
I know I run fast but slow
Too blind and slow
‘Tell me what I don’t know!’

Outsmarted by what I don’t know
Outnumbered by what I can’t see
The run is all I do
How long the Run lasts? I do not know
I am a snail, I run fast but slow.
At least that, I know

I ask the snail now, Do you really know?



Ahlam Ben Saga

Inspired by nature, the night sky, and the Nine Muses, I write poems from the heart 🌌