May Night Sage

Photo of Salvia May Night Sage by Ahlam Ben Saga
Photo Taken By Author

I am Salvia
I sway with the melodies of April
I long for the buds of May upon my skin
I feast on the blush of summer nights

Drunken and in full bloom
We make love to the night air
Our fragrances beckon all that passes
Enchanted we are
Enchanting we become

The anecdotes of flowing rivers
Tickle the laughter out of us
The winds liken the sound of ours
To the pour of honey
We dance with the night breeze
Our dewy limbs sway this way and that way
We become the way

Midnight knocks on tree barks
It asks for us
We have seduced the bees
The birds, and the butterflies
The mountains crack their backs
Ancient and sage
Ancient they became
Sage we made them

We are Salvia
May night sage
Geese along riverbanks sing our praise
Waterfalls rave about our magic
Like they had not already fallen for it
Beasts in the wild worship our violets and blues
Beasts they were
Bards we made them

We are whole behind the lids of the sun
To the night we belong
But when May day blinks at us
We blink back

Midday sun scorches our skin
It bites the stem and we give it thorns
We survive
For the night, we survive
Always for the night

For the spell of May nights we wait
Everywhere we plant our feet
We become the way
But when the night falls
The night sky leads the way
And the stars we follow

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Ahlam Ben Saga

Inspired by colors, nature, the night sky, and the Nine Muses, I write poems from the heart. I also write about social issues, career, and personal stories.