Nothing Rhymes

Ahlam Ben Saga
2 min readJan 24, 2021

Words are not enough
Lines always end in half
The genius of poets
The piles of inspiration
The deep focus and concentration
The early morning coffee
The midnight cup of tea
Days worth of sleep
Hours lost counting sheep
No one could sing my song
With this Muse sleeping all day, all night long

Nothing rhymes anymore
Nothing chimes anymore
No string could make the tunes
No fingers could ride the tones

I used to ride with each tone like riding a flying carpet
Until they turned me into a puppet
“Blend with the rest, strangeness is for freaks”
I was happier with the freaks
“Of strangeness you reek, it isn’t something to seek”

My crime is this
My punishment is this
Nothing rhymes anymore
Will the rhymes ever return or nevermore?



Ahlam Ben Saga

Inspired by nature, the night sky, and the Nine Muses, I write poems from the heart 🌌