The Song of Spring: Stay a Little Longer

Ahlam Ben Saga
2 min readNov 1, 2021

Flirting with spring as autumn watches from a distance. (I love this season though!)

The author “ignores” the camera while holding a twig as a substitute for a hiking stick.

My throat in the jaws of smoke
Black mold across my chest
My lungs gasp for air
The walls turn in their sleep
My eyes remain awake
I see through the window lattice
The wheels turn and roll
My eyes remain awake
The morning songs become white noise
The river becomes a long road of asphalt
The grass wilts beneath my feet
The meadows become patches of gravel
Away, I run and run
I sit upon the lap of a lonely tree
Naked and bent upon ourselves,
Our eyes close
Behind their lids, we see the bud of spring
My eyelashes become long strands of grass
And the tree smiles down at me
When the north wind blows through her hollow branches
She curls her fingers around me
She hides me in her palm
She shields me and forgets herself
Stay a little longer, she says
I never wish to part from her
And when she sings to me
Her voice is warm as earth under the summer sun
At last, I sleep
At dawn, I hear the flutter of bird wings
I hear their gentle song of spring
I hear Zephyrus whisper into my ears
Stay a little longer, he says
His voice flows as river stream
And my lungs, it waters
From my fertile lungs, hyacinths grow
They burst through my chest in blue and violet glory
At last, I breathe!

At last, I breathe!



Ahlam Ben Saga

Inspired by nature, the night sky, and the Nine Muses, I write poems from the heart 🌌